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The Only "Try Before You Buy" SEO Service

No Payment, No Obligation, No Contract

Because of the work by Motiliti, we have risen to the top of Google search for our most important and valuable keyword.

-D. Van Dyke

How Our SEO "Test Drive" Works


STEP 1 Discovery

We discuss your SEO and web marketing goals to discover the keywords for which you would like to be on page one in Google searches, but are currently not. During this step we determine if SEO is the right choice for your website.


STEP 2 Keyword Approval

The Motiliti SEO team looks at your current keyword rankings and suggests a keyword that is important for your site that is not in page one Google results, that we propose to move to page one. We will establish the baseline ranking position of this keyword and ask you to verify it's position.


STEP 3 Access

Our SEO and Web team will need 24 hours of access to your website to optimize on-page coding elements for the target keyword.

The Only RISK-FREE SEO Offer Anywhere.

14 Days and Guaranteed Results

Before You Pay


STEP 4 FREE SEO Work For 14 Days

The SEO team will work off-site in order to dramatically impact the selected target keyword and move your ranking for that keyword to page one of Google.


STEP 5 Delivery Of Results

We will create screen shots and ranking reports in order to verify with you the position of the selected keyword on page one of Google. We will propose a monthly price for working on 10, 20 or 30 keywords with the same methods. You decide if you want to continue having us provide those services on a month to month basis.


STEP 6 We SEO Your Other Keywords

Motiliti will continue month to month providing the same services for the other keywords that matter to you. Motiliti is one of only a few SEO agencies that does not require a contract term for SEO services. We enjoy delivering measurable results to maintain our client relationships. 

Some Of The Brands We Work With

SEO Makes the Difference In Your Ranking and Traffic

Why Are We Working For FREE?

Business owners realize that they have to pay for services like SEO and other types of advertising. The problem is that SEO is such a "black box" for owners that they cannot verify any work is being done at all. When they ask for details they are usually given technical jargon and told that "SEO takes patient."

At Motiliti we thought it would be a FRESH APPROACH to do the work and get the results first...before you hire us or pay us a dime. We are willing to invest the work and REMOVE THE RISK for business owners.

Motiliti Co-Founder

Dr. Joseph Schaefer

Dr. Joe Schaefer received his Doctorate in 1997 from the University of Texas, is a published neuroscientist and he has consulted with thousands of business owners to improve their internet marketing results. Dr. Joe is an expert in search marketing, digital media, programmatic advertising and business strategy. He has worked with large national retail clients in both the US and Canada, B2B companies and done break through level direct response marketing for over 200 individual Car dealers in the US and Canada. His passion lies in finding a company's un-leveraged assets and stories. This fuels the strategies and tactics that change the course of a company’s future.